Man Arrested Over Sticker Blaming Gas Prices on Biden

A Pennsylvania man has been arrested after blaming high gas prices on Joe Biden.

Thomas Richard Glazewski, 54, was accused of placing presidential “I did that!” stickers at a Turkey Hill gas station in East Hempfield Township — stickers that have been plaguing gas pumps around the country.

According to Lancaster Online, he was charged with with misdemeanor resisting arrest, as well as summary offenses of disorderly conduct, harassment and criminal mischief.

“This guy stuck stickers on a gas pump, got yelled at by a clerk for doing so and went crazy afterwards,” said witness Aaron Philips, who recorded the arrest on Facebook, a video that has been watched more than 85k times.

“F–k you! I did this! That’s what I did!” the suspect can be heard screaming — pointing to his alleged handiwork — before running away from the cops, who summarily tackle him to the ground. It takes a second officer to help bundle him into the back of the patrol car.

“The guy admits he stuck the stickers there, he ‘chased after the camera’ and got to where he is now,” Philips claimed.

“It was a lot of (expletives) and that it was a Biden sticker. ‘I did that.’ A lot of, ‘Come (expletive) get me. Bring the cops here’,” he told the outlet.

Gas station employees told police the suspect had sprayed the stickers with a clear coating to make them more difficult to remove.

Gas prices — which as economists like to point out traditionally rise like rockets but fall like feathers — have only just started to slowly descend following the massive spike triggered by the Russia-Ukraine war.

Aside from the oil companies themselves, one of the few groups to see a silver lining in it is the people selling the Biden ‘I did that!’ stickers online, who are enjoying record sales.

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