Khalistan supporters beware!! UK PM Boris Johnson makes BIG announcement during India visit

New Delhi:

Difficulties are going to increase for pro-Khalistan and other extremist groups in the United Kingdom (UK). British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced during his visit to India that the UK had set up an Anti-Extremist Task Force.

Boris Johnson said, “We have a very strong view that we do not tolerate threats by extremist groups to other countries, including India. That’s why we have set up an anti-extremist task force.”

Significantly, pro-Khalistan groups have been repeatedly protesting violently outside the Indian High Commission in London. Recently, the UK Police also conducted raids against the pro-Khalistan organization allegedly in the country. This group had organized the so-called Punjab referendum.

Pro-Khalistan groups also tried to incite anti-India sentiments under the guise of peasant movement which is clearly an internal matter of India. Last year, a designated terrorist involved in acts of terrorism in India, identified as Paramjit Singh, led anti-India protests. The pending extradition of economic offenders like Nirav Modi and Vijay Mallya also came to the fore during Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s visit to India.

The UK Prime Minister, while addressing a press conference in New Delhi, also spoke on the extradition of Nirav Modi and Vijay Mallya. 

“In cases of extradition, there are legal technicalities, which have made it very difficult. With the UK government ordering his extradition, we do not welcome those who use our legal system to evade the law in India,” Boris Johnson said.

Economic fugitives Mallya and Nirav are still in the UK and using technical legal provisions to evade the law in India, despite the extradition treaty between India and the United Kingdom.

Diamond trader Nirav Modi is facing action from Indian agencies for withdrawing Rs 11,400 crore from Punjab National Bank.


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