Jessica Alba Forced to Pick Favorite Child in Q&A Conducted by Daughter Haven

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren do some explaining while sitting down for a “cringey” parenting Q&A session with their 10-year-old daughter Haven.

“Havie’s always fun to have in videos. She’s pretty much taught me how to do YouTube,” the 40-year-old said. In a video posted to the Honest Beauty founder’s YouTube channel, Alba prefaced that her daughter was allowed to ask anything and would “never get in trouble” for it.

Haven immediately fired her question, “Who’s your favorite child?”

“Haven, you’re my favorite child by far,” Warren cracked, then said, “Do you have siblings? Right now, you’re an only child in my mind.”

“You’re just saying that because I’m here,” Haven whined before Alba added, “Whoever’s in front of us is our favorite.”

The 10-year-old also asked her parents to tell the story of how they met on the set of “Fantastic Four” in 2004.

“You had a girlfriend,” Jessica teased her husband and clarified that the two weren’t “boyfriend and girlfriend” during the time of their first encounter but were “just hanging out.”

“Your dad had a legit girlfriend,” she told Haven. “And your dad had to take Polaroid pictures of me with different various contact colors to see which ones were more realistic…that’s probably the one thing that I would take back, is not wearing the contacts. Although if I wasn’t wearing the contacts, we wouldn’t have been taking the photos of me and maybe we wouldn’t have made a connection.”

The film producer quickly denied his wife’s claims by stating that the two of them would have ended up together no matter the circumstance.

“We would’ve made it,” he said. “I would’ve figured it out. I was laser-focused, zeroed in on her.”

Like any curious kid, Haven asked Jessica and Cash how often they’re “actually mad” at her and her siblings Honor Marie, 13, and Hayes Alba, 4 when the trio get in trouble for their wrongdoings.

“Some of the time we’re laughing about it because it’s really funny but we’re pretending to be mad,” Warren laughed. “I would say most of the time we’re really mad. Then on a rare occasion it’s funny.”

“It’s different when you’re little, like Haysie’s age,” Alba noted.

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