HELINA: DRDO successfully tests new missile in India's arsenal

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A new feather has been added to India’s crown today. The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) successfully test-fired the

anti-tank missile HELINA.

The missile was fired from an

Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH)

in Ladakh, hitting the target properly. This Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH) is made with Indian technology.

“Flight test of indigenously developed helicopter launched Anti-Tank Guided Missile ‘HELINA’ carried out from Advanced Light Helicopter at high-altitude ranges along with participation of Indian Army and Indian Airforce,” the DRDO said in a statement on Twitter.

What is this missile?

This new missile HELINA is made with the most advanced technology in the world. It is one of the foremost anti-tank missiles in the world. This is a guided missile. It is operated by Infrared Imaging Seeker. Its name is HELINA is an acronym for ‘helicopter-based NAG missile’. 



missile is suitable for use in any weather. It can also be used at night. It can destroy enemy tanks in times of war or conflict. Scientists say it can be used in more than one way.

Who conducted the test?

The missile was tested by a joint venture of the DRDO, the Indian Army and Indian the Air Force (IAF). This test has been done to check the effectiveness of the



Experts believe that the success of that test has paved the way for the integration of these missiles into advanced light helicopters. The test was attended by senior army officers and senior DRDO scientists.


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