Girl dancing to popular Bollywood song wins the Internet - WATCH video

New Delhi:

Social media has emerged as a powerful platform these days. Anything which grabs the attention of internet users has the potential to go viral and in no time. Some viral videos make us laugh, while some make us go aww. Now a video of a girl dancing to ‘saiya dil me aana re’ is going viral on Instagram. The girl in the video is identified as Sofia and the video is shared on her official Instagram account. 

The video shows the girl acing the hook step of the trending song. Clad in an orange tube top, Sofia seems engrossed in her performance, as she pulls off an energetic dance with rightly timed steps. She can be seen nailing steps like a pro. 

The video has already garnered 23m views and netizen are all hearts. People are loving this clip and its comment box is flooded with love. A user commented, “Very nice,” on her video, while another wrote, “Gajab”.


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