Dialog for a progressive and stable future for SL

Connectivity is central to Sri Lankan lives and livelihoods and binds us as a united and proud nation. We stand firmly in support of the rights of citizens, to the freedom of expression and communication.

We share the deep and collective concern with respect to the prevailing situation in the country and the hardships borne by our fellow citizens and businesses. We pledge that we will do our utmost to provide relief to our customers and communities across the country, who are facing hardship today.

The Dialog family, along with our partners, distributors and retailers across Sri Lanka, share the pain of the current crisis. Together we stand determined to ensure that the access to communication and information remains uninterrupted.

We remain committed to our belief in the power of creating the Future, Today. Accordingly, we stand firmly behind the call for systemic change and a future enriched with elevated levels of good governance, transparency and an empowered meritocracy. We believe that with bold and responsible action today, our resilient nation will emerge stronger than ever before.

We call on those who have the power and opportunity to solve the prevailing crisis, to act selflessly towards the achievement of this greater good – a progressive and stable future for Sri Lanka and its people.


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