Dasvi movie review: Abhishek Bachchan, Yami Gautam, Nimrat Kaur NAIL it in comedy family-drama with strong message and splendid acting

Producer- Dinesh Vijan

Banner- Maddock Films

Director- Tushar Jalota


Cast- Abhishek Bachchan, Yami Gautam, Nimrat Kaur, Manu Rishi Chadha, Arun Kushwaha, Shivankit Singh Parihar, Sumit Shekhar Rai and more.

Rating: 3.5 stars

Dasvi movie review:

Bollywood’s Junior Bachchan has nailed it once again with his amazing performance as CHOUDHARY. He is one of the finest actors in the industry today and has done full justice with the tag. A illiterate CM of a small town in India, surrounded by the stereotypes, belonging to a concervative family gets sent to jail for corruption and other under table activities. His voters get disapointed, sad, upset but he gets 5 star treatment even in jail. 

As he gets barred, he hands over the CM chair to his quite, shy and illiterate wife. He always teases her and says ‘Uncha bola kar, tu CM ki biwi hai…’ But, as the lady gets the chair, she likes the power and tries the hardest to stay in it. For that, she has to keep her husband Mr Ganga Ram Choudhary in the jail who on the other hand,  is fighting the new Superintendent of Police, Jyoti Deswal. 

She is there to stop all the non-sense, the discrimination, the special treatments. She becomes the teacher who we all hate at school, the strict and stubborn one who in the end becomes our favourite for challenging us. Jyoti, played by Yami, send the former CM to make chairs and do other chores as he has only passed class 8th. Choudhary tries to pretend to be sick, to have stomachache and more to anyhow get shifted to a 5 star hospital and have a better life. 

His wife on the other hand is trying her best to attapt the latest trends, styles, social media poof and more. She is convincing her husband to play MAD, mentally discharged so that he gets to a better hospital but the real reason of her suggestion is so that he cannot run the elections again and she can carry on being the Queen of politics. 

The actor, to run away from the JAIL torture, diverts the mind of Jyoti, the supritendant towards one of his mother’s unfulfilled dream, of him passing the class 10th. Announcing his right to education, even in jail, he says that he will pass Class 10th and if he won’t be able to do so, as everyone else believed, he will never sit on the chair of CM again. 

With this, his wife tries her best to make him fail. Uses his weaknesses against him, pressing his weak points and what not. Choudhary gets help from his fellow inmates and tries his hardest to pass the test. He has major difficulty in the easiest subject, Hindi and from that his Jailer, the supretendant Jyoti helps him out. He often says, “Tiger never changes his stripes” and carries on to learn in his own ways. 

His wife free the inmates who were helping him, puts Hindi as the first exam, challenges him upfront and says to him, “Uncha bola karo, aap CM ke husband ho.” Choudhary does his best to pass the test, he even breaks some stereotypes, gets complete knowledge about the History of his country and becomes a better person. 

He gives his exams with the support of his superintendent, inmates and even younger brother. Once his exams gets over, he gets bail from the jail but when he goes out, no one is there as his wife calls out an urgent party meeting so that no one goes to pick him up. That is when she shows her real colours to everyone and even the party members support her. 

Choudhary walks out challenging her that he will make his own party and run the following elections. He shakes hands with the opposition, makes his own party and tells the voters, importance of education. He assures them to provide free education to each and every kid if he wins. 

Think of the irony, the results of elections and class 10th fall on the same day. At first he was losing but he said it earlier and then here again that “Choudhary always loses at the exit poll, but wins the end result.” This is exactly what happens. He passed the exam with 57% and won the election too. He even accepts his wife back and lets bygones be bygones. 

Each and every actor has aced their character, be it Yami Gautam’s strict police officer to a caring guru, Nimrat Kaur’s simple wife to sassy CM. Even the supporting actors have done a great job, all the characters are ruling their roles. Also, the journalist has been portrayed well, it will tickle your funny bone for sure.

All hail to Abhishek Bachchan as he has nailed it as Chowdhary. The best part is the end as after winning the elections he doesn’ take the chair of Chief Minister but of Education Minister. It is truly said that education can bring positive change in anyone. 

It is a comedy family-drama with lots of emotion and inspriration. Tune in to OTT giant Netflix and watch ‘Dasvi’ now.

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