Covid-19 in China: Restrictions in other Chinese cities after coronavirus spurt in Shanghai

Shanghai (China):

Restrictions have been imposed in other parts of China after record cases of coronavirus were found in Shanghai on Saturday. Its goal is to overcome the rapidly spreading Omicron variant.

The Zhengzhou Airport Economic Zone, a construction zone in central China, has announced a 14-day lockdown. In the latest outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, more than 500 people have been reported to be infected with coronavirus.

A record 3,590 Covid-19 cases were reported on Saturday in Shanghai, which was the epicenter of the spurt in coronavirus cases in China in March. There were 19,923 cases on April 15 and 19,872 the day before. Residents in the northwestern Chinese city of Xi’an on Friday have been advised to avoid stepping out of their residential premises unnecessarily. 

Companies have been asked to keep employees from work at home or at work. This step has been taken after dozens of cases of coronavirus infection were reported this month.

The city of Suzhou, near Shanghai, was told on Saturday that all workers who are able to work from home must do so. Prohibit unnecessary entry of people and vehicles into residential premises and company premises.

Millions do not even have food in Shanghai

The situation in Shanghai is starting to get so bad that even the official Chinese media has begun to highlight public discontent. According to a report published on Friday in the official Global Times, the city of Shanghai is going through its toughest time against the Omicron variant of coronavirus.

Doubt, anxiety and fatigue are noticeable among local residents. The report also said that a tsunami of public outrage has hit the Internet.


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