Cobra and gang of meerkats caught in an intense battle; WATCH who won

New Delhi:

While many would hesitate in fighting a venomous cobra, the meerkat is not one of them. In fact, meerkats are known to be fearless slayers of snakes, especially cobras and now a video has now gone viral on social media showing an encounter between them.  The old video was uploaded on YouTube by National Geographic UK. 

The viral video appears to be shot in a desert. It shows how a gang of meerkats approach the cobra. This was after the cobra hissed at the gang. Soon after this, the cobra was seen making an attempt to attack the meerkats, to which one meerkat fought back. The battle continued for a while till the cobra accepted its defeat. The video ends when the cobra is seen moving away from the gang as the meerkats stand patiently staring at the cobra. 

Watch the video here:

Since being shared online, the clip has garnered over 9m views and invoked several comments from netizens. While many were enthralled by the confrontation between the two species, others shared their thoughts and opinions in the comments section of the post.


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