Bumper job opportunity abroad for Indians, Kuwait preparing to give entry visa to new workers

Kuwait City:

Kuwait is facing a huge labor crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic. Recently, the government of Kuwait has relaxed these restrictions, after which Kuwait is now going to recruit workers from abroad. 

Taking steps in this direction, the Kuwaiti Parliament’s Interior and Defense Committee approved a proposal for recruitment, following health conditions, Gulf News quoted the Al Anba newspaper as saying. The motion, introduced by a Kuwaiti MP, calls for the issuance of entry visas to new workers.

After passing this proposal, the way for Indians to work in Kuwait can be cleared. According to the report, in this resolution, MP Faraj Al Daihani said that Kuwaiti families are in dire need of domestic workers. Especially families with elderly or disabled members who need special care. He said that the government has given entry to all the workers stranded abroad. Therefore, it is possible to issue entry visas to new domestic workers following health conditions.

There is currently no date clear on when the Kuwaiti parliament will debate the MP’s motion. The coronavirus pandemic has badly affected the migrant workers of Kuwait. According to reports, 1,68,000 migrant workers had to leave Kuwait in the first nine months of 2021. Most of them were Indians. The total number of domestic workers in Kuwait has declined by 9 percent.

Kuwait has the largest number of Indians

Apart from this, the number of laborers from the Philippines and Pakistan has also decreased. On the one hand, where foreign workers are leaving Kuwait, there has been an increase in the jobs of the citizens of the country. 

Expatriates constitute 75% of the total population of Kuwait, with the majority being Indians. Due to this, India gets a large amount of foreign exchange.


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