Breaking: Yet another blast stuns Afghanistan; At least 10 killed, 20 injured

At least ten people are reported to have been killed in a blast at a mosque in Kabul, Afghanistan on Friday. Twenty people are reported to have been injured in the blast. According to news agency PTI, this blast took place in a Sunni mosque on the last Friday of Ramadan, when a fair number of religious people had gathered there.

The bomb blast was the latest in a string of similar explosions that have occurred around the country. Similar mosque bombings have recently targeted the country’s minority Shiite Muslims, with the Islamic State’s regional affiliate, Islamic State in Khorasan Province or IS-K, claiming responsibility.

Earlier on Thursday, at least nine people were killed in two bombings in the north of Afghanistan. An ally of Islamic State in Afghanistan claimed responsibility for two bombings in the country’s north that targeted the country’s minority Hazara ethnic group a day earlier.

Since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan last August, IS has increased its attacks across the country, making it the Taliban’s main adversary.


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