Brazil man with 9 wives makes 'time table' for love, know what happened next

São Paulo: 

A Brazilian man has married not one or two but nine girls. Yes, you read that right. This Brazilian man has surprised people all over the world by marrying nine times.

He did so in support of ‘freedom to love’ and ‘opposing the practice of marrying once’. Arthur O Urso has nine wives and is now troubled by not being able to give equal time to all. 

On the demand of the wives, Arthur made a ‘timetable of love’ to give equal time to all. He did this so that he could give love to everyone. However, the plan did not work for Arthur.

According to a report in ‘The Sun’, Arthur made a schedule to give equal love to each wife. But following it proved to be extremely stressful and tiring for him. It was very difficult for him to concentrate on any one among many wives and often when he was with one of his wives, he would think of the other. 

Arthur said, “Sometimes I felt like I had to love my wives under pressure.” 

Despite giving time to everyone, some wife or the other used to get angry over something.

Arthur finally said that love with a time table was not right for us. Now we love the natural way and this is the best. He said that it is fun to experience different things together. Arthur’s wives also have no problem with this arrangement but he explains that there is jealousy between them when it comes to giving gifts. 

“When I give expensive gifts to one wife and cheap to the other, they get jealous of each other,” he said.

One of Arthur’s wife has even made up her mind to get a divorce. She has demanded that he should be available only for her and should not be involved with anyone else.


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