BJP working as 'carrier of Hindutva', says Devendra Fadnavis

New Delhi:

BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis on Tuesday said that the Hindutva concept is an intricate part of Indian DNA and the BJP is working as the carrier of Hindutva.

The Maharashtra Leader of Opposition (LoP) was speaking at the launch of an English book that was translated into Marathi. The book was written by Shantanu Gupta “BJP: Past, Present, and Future” has been translated into Marathi by a Pune-based BJP worker Malhar Pandey with the name ‘BJP: Kaal, Aaj, and Udya’. The book records the history of the Bharatiya Janta Party and has received a good response in its English edition.

Addressing the book launch event, Fadnavis said, “DNA of all Indians are same and all Indians are children of one father.”

He further said, “Hindutva is a concept that is not based on Pooja or Karma. Hindutva is a concept that is geographically connected with India and it is the concept that is conne

cted with the genome process of India and the BJP is working as the carrier of that Hindutva.”

Fadnavis added that all the theories of Arya and Dravid have vanished because it has been proven that the Brahmin of Bengal to Nayar’s in South and people in North are all children of one father and their DNAs are the same.

The BJP leader said, “Why did Mughals attack Ram Mandir? Why Shree Krishna Janmabhoomi was attacked? Why Somnath Mandir was attacked? Why was the Kashi temple vandalized? All because they wanted to show the Hindus that their culture and religion are greater than ours. This was done by Britishers too. They deliberately brought out the theory that Aryans came from outside.”

LOP Devendra Fadnavis also attacked Shivsena without taking their name over Hindutva.

Fadnavis said, “There are many political parties who are wearing a saffron shawl of Hindutva. We don’t need to do it, Hindutva is in our blood. We are the product of Hindutva and its ideology. BJP may continue for hundreds of years but the ideology will continue even beyond that, this is such an ideology that will continue till the time even if a single person is alive on the earth.”

BJP president of Maharashtra Chandrakant Patil who was also present at the event has announced to purchase of 1,000 copies of the book to distribute among BJP workers. (ANI)


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