BharatSthali working towards preserving years old generation legacy of Handloom

New Delhi:

Handloom forms a precious part of our generation’s legacy and exemplifies the richness and diversity of our country. It also preserves the artistry of the weavers by keeping it alive amongst the people and we have one such brand which is working day and night to revive the age-old handloom of India through their startup “BharatSthali”. The label was formed in the year 2018 with a motto to give life to the handloom industry by creating a market for it. It started the journey with its retail shop in Chandigarh and later even made it online for the rest of country successfully delivering at the doorstep. It had the vision to penetrate the Indian market through its original and pure Sarees. India is a country where the Saree is the first love of most the ladies and when carried with elegance and style handloom sarees are the best option. Handloom sarees are not just a piece of six-yard fabric but a sheer representation of our rich cultural tradition that a woman carries with her while wearing it. BharatSthali is creating a change by making silk, cotton, linen and other pure fabric, the taste of every women which she could carry with elegance and pride.

The label believes in endorsing the quality of handloom products be it the raw materials, processing, weaving design, and other quality parameters, to create a niche market space for high-quality handloom products through BharatSthali. They export their sarees to all parts of India hence increasing the earnings of the weavers.” We want to promote the different cultures of India through our sarees be it the Kanjivaram sarees from Tamil Nadu or Chanderi cotton silk from Madhya Pradesh. We want to bring the richest and purest of our handloom at one place for our customers. We aim to be one of the leading and prominent brands in the coming few years from now. We are here to make handloom a fashion and a walk of pride for the women of India.” Says Pulkit Gogna, founder of BharatSthali

The label believes in the purity of the fabric and people have given them huge support by appreciating their sarees and the quality they provide. Word of mouth has helped a lot to grow the brand organically very fast. When Covid hit India and everything was disturbed, BharatSthali used the time to focus the alternative Online Market more. The brand presented a wide range of sarees for the buyers to choose from. The design, the pattern, the texture, and the color combination were its USP to grow.

Pulkit said that The Covid situation came with huge uncertainty but they used it to scale their business and work more on the online presence. They were sure that they could definitely use social media as a powerful tool to increase sales. They took advantage of people’s psychology to buy online during the pandemic as it was the easy and most convenient way to buy products. The team was working to create engaging content and get more loyal customers for the brand on social media and the internet.

BharatSthali is working towards creating a sustainable future through its organic and real products. In the time of powerloom where we have so many brands working on creating cheap products with no sustainability and are even harmful to both skin and the environment, BharatSthali has made a remarkable place with its skin-friendly and pure fabrics. The Sarees of BharatSthali are handwoven, the print is hand block, the dye used is handmade with organic and vegetable dyes, and the final product is hand-tailored by the weavers and that makes it a unique and sustainable brand for all.


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