Betty Gilpin Was Accidentally Left in Body Bag on Set of First Acting Job

It’s safe to say Betty Gilpin will never forget her first acting job.

While appearing on Thursday’s episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” the actress recalled her experience starring in several episodes of different “Law & Order” shows, revealing she was accidentally left in a body bag on the set of “Law & Order: Criminal Intent,” which was her first acting credit.

“It’s kind of a rite of passage for New York actors to be on ‘Law & Order,'” Fallon said to Gilpin, 35, who replied, “Yeah, for like the first couple years of my career, it was only theater and ‘Law & Order.'”

“So I did an episode of ‘SVU,’ I was a pedophile with vocal fry,” she continued. “And I was a lesbian with acne on ‘the mothership,’ we called it, just the normal ‘Law & Order.'”

“Were you ever dead body?” Fallon asked, chiming in, to which Gilpin shared that she appeared as one on “Law & Order: Criminal Intent.”

The “Glow” star went on to detail her experience playing a dead body, sharing that she not only had to portray a corpse, but a “naked” one.

“For the dead body, I was Fran Drescher’s daughter, which is an honor, but I don’t know about that casting,” she recalled. “True fans will know, I was found naked in an oil drum. Vincent D’Onofrio, like, found my naked dead body.”

Gilpin said they shot the scene that featured her inside a body bag at a “remote beach,” before revealing that it was her “first job ever.”

“I remember them zipping up the body bag,” she recalled. “Vincent D’Onofrio had like, a grumbly scene over my body bag. And I just had to sort of be in there.”

As for how she was accidentally left in the body bag, Gilpin said after they “called cut,” everyone went to lunch.

“And I hear, like, footsteps on gravel getting farther and farther away, van doors closing,” she explained. “And then 10 seconds goes by and I hear one far-away P.A. being like, ‘Oh my god.’ And [I hear] footsteps coming towards me [and the bag] like, unzips, sunlight my face.”

“‘Let’s get you out of there!'” Gilpin joked as Fallon laughed over her story.

Watch Gilpin recall the experience in the video, above!

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