Apple introduces iMovie 3.0 update, create videos instantly

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Apple has announced an update for its popular video editing software iMovie. Now a new version iMovie 3.0 has been introduced for iPhones and iPads which comes with two new services. One of them is Storyboards and the other is Magic Movie. The former will allow creators to use pre-designed templates for their videos. On the other hand, users will be able to create instant videos in just a few taps.

In a new blog announcing the new update, Apple says that iMovie 3.0 is already available for free on the App Store. Any iPhone running iOS 15.2 or later and iPad running iOS 15.2 or later will be able to download it.

iMovie 3.0 Storyboard

The company says that the storyboard will help in helping beginners. Also said, “Learn to edit your story.” This will help users to create videos in a better way through pre-made templates. Users can choose from a range of templates including DIYs, cooking tutorials, product reviews, science experiments. In total, there are 20 different storyboard templates.

Each of these templates comes with a shot list to help tell a specific story. A thumbnail appears on each placeholder, which also shares a tip with users on how to shoot the right clip for that section. Users can customize by adding, rearranging or removing shots as needed.

iMovie 3.0 allows users to edit titles and transitions within these storyboards, including customization of the title layout, fonts, filters, and color palette. It adjusts music tracks to fit the length of a project. Users can also trim and split a clip, or adjust its speed and volume.

Magic Movie is an instant video creator built inside iMovie 3.0. It comes with transitions, effects and music. It extracts the best part from the videos uploaded by the users.


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