Another mass shooting in US; 2 killed, 11 injured in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh (US):

Incidents of mass shootings in the US continue to take place with alarming regularity. Two people were killed and 11 were injured in a shooting in the US city of Pittsburgh in the early hours of Sunday. 

Giving details of the whole matter, Pittsburgh Police said that the shooting happened during a party at an Airbnb property on the North Side of the city. Officials said there were more than 200 people inside, many of whom were underage.

Police said when officers arrived, they saw people running away from the scene and trying to escape by jumping out of windows. Many people were taken to the hospital. Police said that two teenage girls died in the hospital. He has not been identified yet.

Police said that 50 rounds were fired inside and several rounds were also fired outside. WTAE-TV reported that empty shells with rifles and pistols were found from the spot.

Police are looking for evidence at eight separate crime scenes where shots were fired in some blocks. There is currently no information about any suspects.

Recently there was a shooting at a metro station in New York City.

This is not the first incident of such firing in America. Even before this, many incidents of indiscriminate firing have come to the fore. More recently, a man opened fire at the Brooklyn Subway subway station in New York City.

A total of 23 people were injured in this attack, out of which 10 were shot. New York Police say Frank Robert James attacked a subway train in Brooklyn. He was on the train itself and when the train was approaching 36th Street station, he dropped two smog bombs and started firing after the compartment filled with smoke.


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