AatmNirbhar Nation: Abhishek Tandon gives success mantra to youth

New Delhi:

Youth is the biggest asset for any country. They are the ones who decide the direction of growth, and the future of a nation. And in a country like India which boasts of a massive youth population, it is important to channelize the youth energy in the right direction. As our honorable prime minister Narendra Modi has also mentioned many times Youth are the driving force towards the development and formation of AatmNirbhar Bharat. 

Reflecting the Light Upon Same and Journey Of “Bharat”, The Deputy Director of ICSSR (Indian Council of Social Science Research) Abhishek Tandon Spoke at an Event organized in Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, Delhi University. The seminar that was focused on the Role of IT and Management information of AatmNirbhar Bharat, was jam-packed with students who listened to Abhishek without missing a word. Abhishek, who was invited as the Guest of Honour, spoke about where India started from, where We actually are and where we have to reach in a couple of Years and how Youth will play a major role in achieving self-sustainability and become the next world leader. Abhishek started off by mentioning how the country was crippling after Independence and had a set of challenges to face as The Britishers had looted us badly, which amounts to approximately 45$bn for the two centuries that they ruled us. He then focused on how since India has developed technologically and diplomatically to become a country capable of leading the world into a better future. He said- “We are the second-largest mobile network country in terms of volume, when the world was facing crisis India gave vaccinations to around 100 countries of the world, we have Third largest Startup Ecosystem in the world, World’s Largest Rail Network in Terms Of Passenger Traffic” , all this show that how India has developed itself in terms of both technology and infrastructure. 

Abhishek then mentioned Prime Minister’s 2047 vision which he gave while addressing the nation last year from the red fort on the occasion of Independence Day. He said that Youth will be most important factor in driving the country towards making it a global power,  and how they are the most important stakeholders in this process. He also mentioned how Indian society’s morals and values and concept of “Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam” helped us overcome a crisis like covid, which many developed countries failed to manage. He mentioned that How Indian Democracy is not about Government but it’s more about its society and people(to quote- “Bharat Sarkar Kendrit Nahi, Samaj Kendrit Desh Hai”) He said that how people helped each other in these unprecedented time shows that indeed India’s biggest strength is in its unity and this unity will take India to the path of Development.


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