Aarogya Health Conclave Live update: Covid is still there, mask is must: ICMR Director Dr. Balram Bhargava

Mahipal Singh, News24:

At Aarogya Health Conclave, Director general of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), Balram Bhargava and  Director of the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) Dr Sujeet Kumar Singh spoke about the country’s health infrastructure and India’s fight against covid-19.

Dr. Balram Bhargava

– India is battling its fight against covid-19 with its full spirit.

– If somebody thinks that covid is gone, then it’s completely wrong. Covid is still there, we must follow covid appropriate behavior.

– No need to panic, with the vaccine we are ready to fight against covid-19.

– Last two years were very testing for India, but the unity showed by the country is highly commendable.

– Yoga is a must for everyone if they want to achieve victory against this deadly virus.

– Apart from Physical fitness, one must also focus on mental fitness. 

– One out of 5 doctors is Indian.

– One of the 4 nurses is Indian.

– The health ministry is continuously trying to improve the health infrastructure at grassroots level.

– The country’s healthstructure is improving but still we are trying to make it best. 

– The healthcare of India is not commercial, the motive behind India’s health infrastructrure is to serve.

Dr Sujeet Kumar Singh

– We have become overconfident which is very risky.

– Mask is a must, Not to take covid-19 lightly.

– Testing is very important to curb the pandemic.

– The Infrastructure of government hospitals is good. Apart from rumors, the government hospitals are the backbone of the country’s infrastructure.

– India’s battle against covid-19 is very appreciable and inspiring too.

– No need to panic regarding the surge in cases in Delhi. With massive testing, the infection rate can be curbed.

‘Health is Wealth’ this famous quotation is learned by us in childhood but the last two years have told us the meaning and importance of health. To discuss the country’s battle against covid-19, News24 has organized Aarogya Health Conclave at New Delhi.  A galaxy of speakers has been listed for this edition who are expected to offer the much-needed perspective, decode the sharp and incisive insights around developments regrading the health infrastructure. The event promises dialogue and discourse and will be a perfect platform to know the importance of health.


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