'90s Icon Karen Duffy Says Final Night Before Life-Altering Pain Was Spent with George Clooney

1990s icon Karen Duffy says the night before her life changed forever was spent in the company of George Clooney.

During an interview with People Magazine, the former broadcaster opened up about the pain of her ongoing illness and how she remembered life before its symptoms. According to Duffy, the last true day she was totally pain-free took place in 1995 at the Emmys ceremony she attended with her friend Clooney.

“That was the last day that I lived without chronic pain,” Duffy explained. “It was the next day that I became symptomatic with sarcoidosis. That photo marks the end of my healthy life with one of the most charming and hilarious gentlemen. Talk about going out with a bang!”

The MTV VJ more popularly known as “Duff” told the publication how she had woken up with an excruciating ache in her head and neck the next morning that felt, “like an electric eel swimming up my spinal column.”

When she flew back to New York City, doctors discovered an inoperable lesion the size of a “mostaccioli” that was pressing against her spinal cord and brainstem. The lesion was crushing her nerves which resulted in unbearable pain.

Duffy was finally diagnosed with sarcoidosis of the central nervous system nine months later, “I’ve been blessed with lousy health and a great life.”

Sarcoidosis affects around 200,000 people in the US and while there is no known cure for the inflammatory disease, Karen has been able to manage her pain with a treatment program that includes steroids, chemotherapy, morphine and pain patches.

She also revealed that her chronic pain has resulted in her loss of mobility over the years and feels the sensation of numbness in her hands and feet.

“It feels like you have fluffy boots on all the time,” she shared, but has enough feeling in a few of her fingers, allowing her to hold a pen and write. “I’m inspired to do as much as I can with what I have.”

The ’90s mainstay has stayed busy as a producer in Hollywood — with an upcoming Bill Murray documentary “New Worlds” and a Zac Efron fronted project “Greatest Beer Run Ever” — in addition to writing.

She also has a collection of letters written to her son “Wise Up: Irreverent Enlightenment From a Mother Who’s Been Through It” currently available wherever books are sold.

Duffy has faced the reality that her mobility may worsen over time, “I’ve already had the scariest thing that pretty much can happen, happen,” she said. “I know there is trouble ahead. I don’t know what kind of trouble but I’m not afraid because I’m grateful for my life.”

She concluded, “I always try to think what is the upside to having your life turned upside down? Maybe it’s to appreciate every moment — and have a sense of deeper compassion for people living with chronic pain.”

“My body may be breaking down but my spirit is ginning up. I wanted to express gratitude for my life.”

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