300Mbps Broadband Plan: Get unlimited data for less than Rs 17 daily!

New Delhi:

300Mbps Broadband Plan: If you are also think that you cannot get broadband plan with such strong speed in less than Rs 500, then it is not so. We are going to tell you about a plan that gives you unlimited data with rocket-like speed for less than Rs.17 per day.

Do you want a broadband plan with superfast speed that lasts throughout the year and every day’s expenses also fit in your budget? So you will definitely like this news of ours today. Today we are going to tell you about a plan which is very cheap. Superfast speed of 300Mbps and long validity of a year in less than Rs 500, let’s know which is this plan.

300Mbps Plan

If you also need a 300Mbps plan, then let us tell you that the company’s one month plan costs Rs 899, but 3, 4, 6, 9 and 12 months plans are also available for its users in the company’s portfolio. As you move towards longer term plans, the monthly expenses will come down.

Let us explain you with example, above we told you the price of one month plan, now let us tell you about 3 month plan, this plan will cost you Rs 752 per month.

At the same time, the cost of taking a plan for 4 months is reduced to Rs 636 per month, Rs 600 for 6 months, Rs 533 per month with 9 months plan and Rs 499 per month with this plan for 12 months i.e. whole year. Will cost.

In this way, the expenditure of less than Rs 17 will come every day.

For example, if you took the company’s 300Mbps broadband plan with a period of 12 months, then the cost of 12 months was Rs 5988 at the rate of Rs 499. Rs 5988 will cost Rs 16.40 per day for a period of 365 days.


For the information of you people, let us tell you that the above mentioned price includes GST, that is, GST will be applicable at the rate of 18 percent of the above mentioned price. The customers will also have to deposit a refundable security of Rs 2000 but one thing which is good is that the company does not charge any installation charge for the fiber connection.


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