Private buses want diesel subsidy with price increase

Private Bus Associations yesterday urged the government to grant a diesel subsidy immediately as the massive fuel price hike by Lanka IOC (LIOC) will lead to the collapse of the private bus industry.

All Ceylon Private Bus Owner’s Association President Anjana Priyanjith said that the retail selling price of diesel has been increased by Rs.75 per litre and petrol by Rs.50 per litre by LIOC and immediate steps should be taken to provide diesel subsidy through SLTB owned filling stations to private buses in order to protect the private bus industry.

“If the fuel subsidy cannot be granted, permission should be given to increase the bus fare at least by 60 percent. Then the minimum bus fare will also be increased up to Rs.30,” he added.

He added that CEYPETCO might also increase the fuel prices in line with the LIOC and it is necessary to grant diesel subsidies for the private buses before that,” he added.

by Daily News Sri Lanka

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