Pakistan's failed 'missile test'

Islamabad (Pakistan):

Residents of Jamshoro, Sindh in Pakistan noticed an unidentified object at around 12 noon on Thursday. The object resembled a rocket or missile that looked clearly giving mid-way through its projectile.

The object was a missile, fired by Pakistan from its test range at Sindh, according to information gathered from social media and the test was scheduled at 11 am which was postponed by an hour owing to a fault in the TEL (Transporter Erector Launcher). It was finally conducted at 12 noon. However, seconds after the launch the missile was seen descending from the path, clearly falling short of its desired projectile and landing near Thana Bula Khan in Sindh.

Although few Pakistan news channels covered the incident, the authorities in the country have remained silent. According to social media accounts in Pakistan, the local administration, however, refuted any such claim saying that it was a regular Mortar Tracer Round that was fired from the nearby range. It is unlikely, however, that a mortar with a maximum range of 5 km will have a tracer projectile rise that high.

According to a reporter on the ARY news channel of Pakistan, there had been information of some “plane, rocket or something like that” falling down. He said the police were investigating the matter. The video that went viral on social media shows the flying object falling from the sky in Jamshoro in Sindh province. The object is seen coming down with a tail of smoke. (ANI)


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