Lock Upp: Anjali Arora claims Karanvir Bohra asked her to play love angle with him, said, 'It sells'

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In the latest episode of Kangana Ranaut’s ‘Lock Upp,’ a scintillating revelation has come to the fore. Contestant Anjali Arora has made a sensational allegation, she revealed how the contestants are playing the game of love to stay in the reality show. They feel that they can last longer in the show by showing fake love angles.

In the latest episode of

Lock Upp

Lock Upp

, Social Media Influencer Anjali Arora told comedian Munawar Faruqui, “Karanveer came with a picture of his wife and said, ‘In this game, it is me and you. I did not understand. Karan was asking me to make a love relationship.”

Munawar tells Anjali that he has understood every person in this jail and Karanvir Bohra is playing very smartly by getting good from both sides. He tells Anjali that he is not thinking of it as a reality show but like a 24*7 job where he has to keep his eyes and ears open and he will do well in the game automatically.


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Munawar was shocked to hear this and said, ‘Are you telling the truth? This is very stupid.’ To which Anjali said, ‘He told me that this is what sells. I am old but you are young, and if you start liking me, people will like it too. You have to show the audience that you are crazy about me.’

Munawar asked her, why did you take so long to tell all this, were you really waiting for him to like you?’ To which Anjali said, ‘Not at all.’ He teases her by saying that she is blushing and Anjali laughs. Also, she asked Munawar to keep it a secret and not to reveal it to anyone.


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