Khloe Kardashian on How 'Hurtful' It was Being Told Her Sisters Were 'So Much Prettier'

It’s tough being in the public eye because people can be callous and cruel, with many seemingly totally unaware of just how cruel they’re being.

While the Kardashians have endured their fair share of scrutiny and attacks over their 15 years on television, since the beginning there seemed to be a disproportionate amount of attention paid to who was then the youngest of the “Kardashians” stars.

Before Kylie and Kendall grew up into young adults, Khloe Kardashian was the youngest of the three sisters that were at the center of the show. Understandably, the siblings were often compared to one another, but it wasn’t always the most positive or uplifting experience.

“When I was younger, always being compared to my sisters in a way where I can’t be related to them because we look different,” she told Variety in a new interview published Thursday.

But it couldn’t just be noted that Khloe was notably taller than Kim and Kourtney — and even Kris — nor could it just be that she didn’t share as strong a physical resemblance in the face as her older sisters. No, it didn’t stop there.

“It was always emphasized that they were so much prettier. And that’s just really poor taste,” Khloe said. “Those things were definitely really hurtful, just to always be compared to them, especially in the fashion or beauty world comparing our bodies or faces.”

Even the family has noticed and acknowledged that Khloe seems to get more criticism and attacks in tabloids or on social media than anyone else. There was even baseless speculation in the early years that she had a different father than her older sisters, which was ultimately addressed and debunked on the show.

“It definitely is tough. None of us get it,” she said. “My sisters will talk about it, like, ‘Why are they so much more vicious towards you?’ We don’t have an explanation for that. None of us really understand, and there’s no rhyme or reason.”

And while she knows that she has a pretty great life, she’d be lying if she said that it doesn’t get to her sometimes. “Sometimes I’ll hear or see something and you just feel the weight of the world, and you tend to have a pretty bad day – but it’s a day; not a life,” she said. “You move on and you remind yourself how many great things are in your life and all these blessings. The good definitely outweighs the bad.”

She shared that she’s learned the importance of checking in with herself to stave off all of the negativity that can start creeping in. She reminds herself who she is and that she knows she’s a good person.

“This isn’t ‘woe is me,’ but sometimes you have to remind yourself about all the good, because the negative can consume you,” she explained. “And that’s not the reality.”

When asked what she’s most proud of that her platform has allowed her to accomplish, it’s actually a repudiation of this cesspool of negativity that can sometimes seem to dominate the internet conversation. And it couldn’t be simpler. “I try to be kind to spread positivity on my platforms,” she said.

“I know I sound like a hippie right now, but I experience so much hate and negativity that I want do the complete opposite,” she explained.

“I have so many people that will write and say they’re suicidal or they’re going through this or that,” Khloe continued. “I can say literally one sentence and it’s prevented them from doing something really harmful to themselves, so if I can make someone feel seen, I am proud of that.”

She also talked about some of the requirements that her company, Good American, requires of department stores that choose to carry the line. Specifically, she notes that they are required to carry the entire line from size 00 to size 32, and they’re not allowed to separate them into different sections of the story.

“I hope it’s made women feel better about the shopping experience that they don’t have to go to different departments, if you are in a certain side range,” she added, noting that Good American was the first company to have different sized women modeling their products on their site.

Khloe opened up about how all the drama with Tristan Thompson will be addressed on her family’s upcoming Hulu debut, which you can check out below. “The Kardashians” premieres April 12.

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