Javier Bardem Recalls the Time He Worked As a Stripper ... For a Day

Javier Bardem is recalling an unique job he had before he was an actor.

While appearing on Wednesday’s episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” the Oscar winner shared that he once worked as a male stripper many years ago. However, his exotic dancing career didn’t last long, in fact, Bardem said he was a stripper just for one day.

“I’m 53 years old. There was a time when I was 20, believe it or not,” Bardem began, recalling the story. “And I was stepping out of a cake [friend’s fiancée].”

He said the celebration continued at a disco, where he performed his “routine again on the disco dance floor.”

“And the owner of the disco said, ‘Will you do that every Friday?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, of course!’ because I was drunk,” Bardem recounted. “Then they hired me, and I had to perform the next Friday.”

“I was so nervous, I called my mom and my sister to accompany me to my striptease number,” he added with laugh.

The “Being the Ricardos” star said he remembers that there were only “three people” there to watch his routine.

“It was very embarrassing, but I did it! I’m a performer, and I gave my work,” he recalled, adding, “So I was a stripper for a day.”

In response, Ellen then hilariously asked for clarification on the specific people who watched Bardem perform. “So there were three people, and two of them were your mother and your sister,” she said, to which Bardem replied with a laugh. “Exactly! The other one was the owner of the place.”

The “Dune” actor went on to share more details, revealing that for his strip routine he wore “a tuxedo that I [would] open” as well as “my little thing there.”

“I was dancing to the number of ‘You Can Leave Your Hat On,'” Bardem said, referring to the song from the 1986 movie “9½ Weeks.”

“How appropriate, Joe Cocker,” Ellen joked in reply. “It was right there!”

The daytime talk show host went on to wonder if “maybe there’s a part” for Bardem in “Magic Mike 3,” the upcoming third installment of the Channing Tatum stripper films.

“Yeah, they asked me to play the part where the old guy comes in and tries to do something and they’re like, ‘Stop it. … No no no no, not now!'” Bardem quipped. “No, those guys know what they’re doing.”

Meanwhile, the Spanish actor — who shares son Leo, 11, and daughter Luna, 8, with wife Penelope Cruz — also opened up about starring in the live-action adaptation of Disney’s “The Little Mermaid,” in which he will play King Triton, the father to Ariel (Halle Bailey).

When asked if his kids “have to be so excited” for their dad to star in the movie, Bardem said, “Absolutely,” before revealing how his daughter inspired his decision to say yes to the project.

“I was called by Rob Marsall — who is the director and a lovely person that I adore — and he told me if I wanted to be part of it and I said that to [Luna],” Bardem recalled. “She was seven at the time … and she start[ed] to cry. And I said, ‘But I’m not playing Ariel.’ [She said], ‘No, of course! You’re playing King Triton right?’ And her face said it all. So I call[ed] and said, ‘I’m in, I’m in.'”

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