In limelight: Tips to become a successful Entrepreneur: Data mining expert Rajesh Babu Kodali

New Delhi: 

“How to do the right thing?” is indeed the question of the century, and to become a successful entrepreneur is a common desire, but what most fail to embrace is their own ability and potential to accomplish exceptional things.

Data mining expert Rajesh Babu Kodali who has achieved his masters in Information Systems with a minor in Database Systems from the United States of America says that many fail to act on their potential and struggle to begin their journey solely because they are unsure of how to get started. 

Rajesh Babu Kodali, a data mining expert who has been using his expertise in the healthcare industry to minimize the scope of error, says the road to success is a trouble-free journey only if:

You Stretch Your Limit

It’s easier said than done, Rajesh Babu Kodali continues by giving an example of waking up before 8 in the morning, it’s hard for a lot of people, but once you are determined to wake up before 8, there’s no going back. This is when you do goal setting within self and strive to achieve it by pushing your limits and creating new ones. Similarly, if you want to start your enlightenment journey, start by challenging yourself!

Focus as Sharp as Arjuna

In the great epic Mahabharat, Arjun’s focus is the biggest key takeaway for Rajesh Babu Kodali, being born and brought up in India, and having completed his bachelors from the prestigious Vellore Institute of Technology, Arjun’s focus has taught great lessons to entrepreneur Rajesh Babu Kodali. Arjun put his heart, soul, and energy into piercing the fish’s eye and so he did!

Learning how to channel one’s energy is one of the biggest keys to success, it gives you the perspective that’s solely yours, and that’s exciting, says Rajesh Babu Kodali.

Ask for help whenever needed

“Tips to become successful entrepreneur” is one of the highest searched topics, that’s only because young entrepreneurs shy away from asking for help and instead choose to rely on information available online – which is mostly half information. Seeking help, finding a mentor is probably one of the most helpful ways to understand the journey and prepare well for what may come. Rajesh Babu Kodali says, he never skipped a chance to interact with someone in the industry and attended webinars to understand his industry better, and that has surely added to his data mining entrepreneurial journey. 


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