Heather Rae Young Reveals She Just Had Vocal Cord Surgery

Heather Rae Young has opened up about a recent surgery.

On Wednesday, the “Selling Sunset” personality took to Instagram to share that in less than 24 hours she had gone from vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to being in full recovery mode after undergoing vocal cord surgery.

“It was a long time coming for me as I’ve been battling vocal stress for years,” Young captioned her post. “After resting for 3 months I was never going to be 100% so surgery was my only route.”

The luxury real estate agent has been candid about the issues she’s suffered due to inflammation and calluses on her vocal cords. Heather has previously cited having to be on bed and vocal rest for three months.

The 34-year-old took the time to thank her doctors and her husband Tarek El Moussa for their support. Heather also noted that some of her fans had previously “noticed the [sic] my voice issues when watching #Sellingsunset and #flipping101 but on the road to recovery.”

Young has also been honest about her fertility journey and her struggles with conceiving due to her low egg count and her husband’s previous run-in with testicular cancer.

Back in December, the reality star posted a video to Instagram in which she told her followers why she decided to “be vulnerable” and speak about her decision to undergo IVF and share the process openly.

“I started my egg freezing journey two years ago but this year it’s really different and my mindset has shifted along the way,” she captioned the video.

“Sharing my journey was something I struggled with because every women’s experience is so different and I know some women go through a lot harder things but I decided I wanted to be vulnerable and real with you guys. This is something I think can be really empowering. I want to be strong for other women out there and help guide them through this because it’s a subject that’s not talked about enough. So I’ll be sharing bits and pieces of my journey and I hope you all can benefit from it and feel empowered by it 💗.”

After some challenges, Young gave an update in mid-January, revealing some “great news” on Instagram.

“Initially Tarek and I thought we were only going to get 2 eggs [from] this retrieval but we ended up with 7 eggs, 6 ended up being good,” she captioned an Instagram video. “We thawed 4 eggs from my egg retrieval we did 2 years ago. 3 ended up making it…. So we will create 9 embryos. Usually only 50% make it through the process but we won’t know yet. First update will be in 5 days and by 2 weeks we know how many healthy embryos we got! I can’t wait!”

“I’ve had a few low moments throughout this journey but I’ve tried to stay as positive as possible and it shows that the body is incredible and can do wonders,” she added. “Going into this having sad moments that my body wasn’t creating enough healthy follicles and to come out of this with great news!”

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