EU approves fourth package of sanctions against Russia for invading Ukraine


The European Union has announced that the 27-nation bloc has approved fourth package of sanctions against Russia to punish the country for its invasion of Ukraine. 

The package on sanction include a ban on luxury goods to Russia, a ban on imports of Russian steel and iron to the EU.

It has now also imposed a ban on new investment in Russia’s energy sector, the supply of technology or equipment, and the provision of services for the exploration, extraction or processing of energy resources. 

A ban on providing credit rating services to any Russian individuals or companies have also been included in the new sanctions. 

France holds the EU presidency. The country has said the bloc “in consultation with our international partners, has approved a fourth package of sanctions targeting individuals and entities involved in the aggression against Ukraine, as well as several sectors of the Russian economy.” 

In a statement, the French presidency said the bloc has giving approval to a declaration to the World Trade Organization “on suspending the application of the most-favored-nation clause for Russia and suspending the examination of Belarus’ application for accession to the WTO.” 

The Russia-Ukraine war started in February 24 after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced ‘special military operation’. The decision came after Moscow, earlier, recognised (Kyiv) rebel-held territories in Donetsk and Luhansk, and said they had asked for its “help”. Both these places are situated in eastern Ukraine.  

Since the war started, the EU has adopted tough measures targeting Russia financial system, its president Vladimir Putin and its high-maintenance oligarchs. 


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