Dates allowed during Ramadan season

Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa has directed the Finance Ministry to remove ‘dates’ from the 367 non-essential items gazetted for import licences early this week.

MP Marjan Faleel told the Daily News that the consumption of dates during the month of Ramadan is one of the main practices of Muslims during the time of breakfast.

“The Prime Minister was kind enough to understand the need of the community and allowed it as an essential item during this period which would be free of Customs implications,”he said.

Marjan also said that dates that donated from abroad to Mosques will also be made duty free during this period of Ramadan.The dates sold for Rs. 500 per kilo shot upto Rs 1,000 on Friday, March 11 when the food item was included in the non-essential items.

A Gazette Extraordinary was issued by the Department of Import and Export Control limiting the import of 367 non-essential goods into Sri Lanka unless with a valid licence.

by Daily News Sri Lanka

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