'Chaand Baaliyan' song: Aditya A talks about the song going VIRAL after two years of release

New Delhi: 

Social media — a boon or a bane? Don’t know about the rest but for singer Aditya A the digital space has definitely done wonders lately.

His song ‘Chaand Baaliya’, which was released in 2020, is massively trending online now. Over 3, 00,000 Instagram reels have been made so far. From children to Bollywood bigwigs, several people have posted videos on their social media handles with the soulful song ‘Chaand Baaliyan’ playing in the background.

Asked Aditya, who created the song, about his views on the song’s success he told ANI, “It’s great to see people love the song so much. It’s encouraging me to make more music, now that it’s being appreciated.I think the simplicity of the song stands out…It’s a happy tune that catches on with the people. Happiness is contagious.”

“It is my most popular song till date and I think it’s much more popular than I am haha! I am happy to receive adulation from the people and I feel blessed to be worthy of it,” he added.

Aditya also opened up about what went behind the making ‘Chaand Baaliyan’. “The melody came pretty fast and was complete in about 15-20 minutes, the lyrics followed. I had been charmed by this cute instrument ukulele for some time and decided to use it for this song and I guess it sort of worked in my favour,” he shared.

Aditya has been making music for some time now. He actually realised his musical potential during his college days.

“I learnt playing guitar in college back in 2005 and also learnt some Indian and western classical music. Have been composing and writing since then and have improved my skills in all spheres of music-making. I am inspired by great musicians whose music has the power to change a bad day to a good one,” he said.



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