Angelina Pivarnick Claims Ex's 'Lies' Caused 'Hurtful' Drama with Jersey Shore Costars

While this week’s “Jersey Shore Family Vacation” showed that things between Angelina Pivarnick, her husband and her costars were all in a pretty good place, her tweets as the episode aired proved otherwise.

The new hour found Angelina and estranged husband Chris Larangeria sitting down with a sex therapist, who got the two to address their issues with each other head on amid marriage woes. The session got so heartfelt, Chris actually broke down in tears, as Pivarnick truly thought they had some sort of “breakthrough” in patching things up.

Sadly, Chris would file for divorce in real life shortly after the episode was filmed … and things have only gotten messier for Angelina since.

After one fan tweeted that the episode had to be “so brutal” for Angelina to watch now, she added, “Especially knowing we aren’t together anymore.” When another said their split was “really sad” considering their “beautiful moment” with the love guru, she tweeted, “It’s sad very sad. I cry a lot from it all.”

After one fan tweeted that it seemed like the two really loved each other and they were “rooting for them” to succeed as a couple, Pivarnick replied: “Sorry we couldnt make it work. I think he needs to find himself also. The fact he called my friends and told them lies to ruin s— broke me to the core”

She reiterated that sentiment when another fan wrote, “I honestly was rooting for @angelinamtvjs and Chris L. I thought everything was going good. I feel for her. And I hope the roomies are there for her. I’m so sorry Ang.” Pivarnick replied, writing, “Its been hard. All of it. Chris has been going to the media and my roomies. I don’t know why but I’ve been silent.”

While she didn’t get into specifics, it seems she’s alluding to Jenni “JWoww” Farley, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Deena Nicole Cortese all turning on her on social media back in February — after a report accused her of “secretly shared audio” of the trio’s disastrous wedding speech to the press to “make them look bad.” At the time, JWoww said they heard the same thing directly from Chris, tweeting to Angelina, “your own husband told us you did this!” For her part, in February, Pivarnick simply tweeted that the report was “lies.”

When one fan asked last night whether she and the other girls were “cool again” after “all that BS came out and they turned on you again,” she responded, “Thanks to my husband telling them lies”

She also said she couldn’t understand why her costars believed Chris, and added, “He has no proof” — before responding to one who fan called his alleged claims about the leak “the ultimate betrayal” by adding, “It was hurtful.”

It’s unclear where Angelina stands with her costars now, but it sure sounds like she’ll be in the doghouse again if and when the show starts filming again.

“Jersey Shore Family Vacation” airs Thursdays on MTV.

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