Where Wayne's World Stars Dana Carvey and Mike Myers Stand Now Following Alleged Feud

Carvey surprises Howard Stern with an update on their relationship — before explaining why the two had “conflict.”

It hasn’t always been “party time, excellent” between “Wayne’s World” costars Mike Myers and Dana Carvey — but in recent years, the supposed feud between the two has come to an end.

Appearing on The Howard Stern Show this week, Carvey was on promoting his podcast with fellow “Saturday Night Live” alum David Spade — where Stern asked whether they’d ever have Mike on the show so the two former costars could work out their issues.

On previous episodes of Stern, Carvey didn’t outright slam Myers, but did say he felt some resentment over Myers’ Dr. Evil character from “Austin Powers,” which was based on Dana’s impression of Lorne Michaels. Though both of them have always downplayed rumors of a rift between them, they weren’t exactly besties in real life either. Or weren’t until recently, at least.

“We’ve come full circle since I talked to you last,” Carvey told Stern this week. “We’ve become very, very close friends. We just have too much history, we have an unbelievable amount of stuff in common … then we had so much shared history together riding the rocket of Wayne’s World.”

He said working on the two films — the first of which was incredibly successful and remains the most profitable SNL movie adaptation to this day — was the first time either of them “had extra money” or were asked to sign autographs. “There’s too many firsts” they had together, he added, saying he’s also “just more mature now.”

“The only good thing about getting old is you just sort of, you get a little more wisdom, you get a little more perspective and you practice forgiveness for others and for yourself,” he added.

When asked whether their 2021 Super Bowl ad together was a catalyst for the shift in their relationship, Carvey said that, yes, the two did “get closer during that whole process” and “started talking more.”

“It’s very nice to have such a long friendship with someone,” he continued. “I just feel like I came to know him in a much better way as we’ve been really, really talking a lot in these last couple years and put him in context, understand him and just really appreciate him.”

Speaking about their past tension and tension amongst SNL players in general, Carvey said everyone has “that little person” who “gets very jealous of the shiny new toy” inside of them. He went on to compare being on the sketch show to “Game of Thrones,” but added, at the time time, the cast was “really good friends and you wanna play fair.”

“Mike and I became a comedy team by accident, we were in a sketch, it became a movie, ‘What does Garth do? What does Wayne do?’, so there was conflict over how that was going to come together but we were just riding that rocket,” he added. “It wasn’t personal.”

He explained that over the last few years, he’s learned to be “very vulnerable and very honest” and “the competition goes totally away.” Carvey added he has “a lot of appreciation” for the new perspective.

TooFab recently caught up with the film’s director, Penelope Spheeris, where she too opened up about getting over her past gripes with Myers as well. The two reportedly butt heads on set and she wasn’t asked back to direct the second film.

“No, I still hate everybody! I’m just kidding,” she said with a laugh — telling TooFab “it’s wonderful” they’re all on good terms now.

“The last time I saw Mike, all he does was show me pictures of his babies, of his kids. It’s really really nice,” she continued. “We’re friends, it’s fine and I think we all enjoyed the time that we worked together. I don’t talk to them every day, I don’t talk to them ever. I talk to Tia a little bit, talk to Robert Patrick a little bit. But you don’t got longterm friends in Hollywood, unless they’re writing checks.”

In celebration of the film’s 30th anniversary, Paramount has dropped a limited edition Blu-Ray SteelBook release of the first movie, while both films also got a new “Double Feature” Blu-Ray release. Both are available now.

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