#Watch: Hijab Row: With hijab how will teacher know if student is understanding, asks Assam CM


Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Friday said it would be difficult for the teachers to ascertain if students were understanding their lessons or not if they were wearing hijab.

He said, “How would a teacher know if a student is understanding or not, if they’re wearing a hijab? No one said they wanted to wear a hijab 3 yrs ago?… “

He said women needed education not hijab.

Sarma said hijab was not related to education. He said, the Muslim community needed education. It was the need of hour for girls to achieve good position by being engineers etc.

The Assam CM also said there were two types of Islam: one religious that belonged to Quran where knowledge is prominent while, another is political Islam which is sponsored by Congress.

Sarma said our children go to schools to study math and science; hijab is not even an issue. The issue has been created by Congress. 


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