Valentine's Day: Wife commits suicide to express love for her husband


A unique tale of love turned into tragedy on Valentines’ Day eve in Jaipur. Overcome with grief after the death of her husband, a woman has ended her own life.

Valentine’s Day means the day of expressing love. Couples will express their love to their partners in many ways on this day. But the way a young woman living in Harmada, Jaipur expressed her love for her husband, has shocked everyone.

Before committing suicide, the woman had written a note to her husband on the palm of her hand.

“Love you my love, call me to you,” the woman had

written in the message on her hand.

The photo of her expression of love for her husband has become viral on social media. 

Husband died in an accident a year ago

An official at the Harmada police station said that on Saturday evening a young woman living in Jairampura village hanged herself. She was in her room for a long time and in the evening her family members called her for food but she did not come out. 

When the family members entered the room by forcibly breaking the door, they saw the girl hanging from a noose. She was immediately taken to a private hospital where doctors declared her brought dead. 

Later, the police was informed. The police said that the marriage of the deceased Savitri had taken place about two and a half years ago. Her husband had died in a road accident about a year ago. Since then Savitri was under stress. 

Although her in-laws and her family tried to help her a lot to overcome her grief, they were unable to prevent Savitri from embracing death.

Expressed love for husband on the palm of her hand

When the police examined her dead body, they found some words written on the palm of her hand. 

“Love you my dear, Dinesh ji. Forgive me and call me to you,” the message read.

The family members told the police that she was unable to forget her husband since his death a year ago. She was staying at her father’s house for a long time. 

Her relatives said that after the death of her husband, she was under a lot of stress, but no one had imagined that Savitri would embrace death in this manner.


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