Only those unsafe in their homes should wear hijab, not needed in 'Hindu Samaj', schools: Sadhvi Pragya


Amid the ongoing hijab row in Karnataka, Bhopal BJP MP Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur said Muslim women are not required to wear Hijab at educational institutions. 

Addressing people at an event in Bhopal. on Wednesday, the BJP MP said, “There is no need to wear hijab anywhere in India. Only those should wear Hijab who are facing issues at their own homes.”

She further said, “Only those women should wear hijab who have problems in their homes, who are in danger in their own homes. Only those should wear hijab who lack dignity and respect in their own homes.” 

The BJP MP further told Muslim women, while outside, wherever there is ‘Hindu Samaj’ are not required to wear a hijab especially at places where they study. 

The comments by Pragya Singh Thakur comes amid the row over girls wearing hijab at schools and junior colleges Karnataka. Protests were a common sight in the state since last month over the issue. 

Sadhvi Pragya reacted to the controversy and said, “When students go to school, they wear the school uniform and follow the discipline of the educational institutions.” 

She also drew a comparison with disciples of ‘gurukul’ who wear ‘bhagwa’ (saffron) attire. The BJP MP said khijab is used for hiding greying hair, while hijab is meant to cover faces.

“Hijab is a purdah. Purdah should be [used] against those who see you with evil eyes. But one thing is clear that Hindus don’t see them with evil eyes as they worship women,” Sadhvi Pragya said.

“It is the culture of Sanatan that women are worshipped here. Is there a need to wear hijab in this country where women’s place is paramount? There is no need to wear hijab in India,” she said.

Pragya Singh Thakur told the Muslim girls, “Wear hijab or khijab in madrasas, how does it matter to us? But if you disrupt the discipline of all the schools and colleges across the country…then it will not be tolerated.” 


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