Madhya Pradesh: Chhindwara beggar goes digital, using QR code to take alms through PhonePe, Google Pay

Chhindwara (Madhya Pradesh): 

Many times people shoo away beggars due to a shortage of change, but a beggar in Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh, has overcome this problem.

Hemant Suryavanshi of Chhindwara is now begging with the help of digital technology. Nowadays, beggar Hemant Suryavanshi begs in digital mode through barcode scan. 

Beggar Hemant


said that many people used to cite lack of change while refusing alms. That is why he has now started begging through barcodes using digital technology. 

When he lost his job, he started begging

Hemant Suryavanshi used to work in the Municipal Corporation. After losing his job, he was depressed for many days and now he is living by begging. Hemant’s mental condition has also deteriorated. People know Hemant Suryavanshi by the name of Hemant Baba. Their way of begging like this remains the center of attraction. Hemant Suryavanshi is seen begging at the railway station, Fountain Chowk or Gandhiganj. They are the first beggars in the city to beg in this way through digital payment.

Hemant’s video is also going viral on social media

Hemant’s video with a bar code hanging around his neck and a mobile phone in his hand is also going viral on social media. People are also sharing this video a lot.


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