Liam Payne 'Not Proud' -- But Kind of Is -- After 4-Year-Old Son Lies About Covid to Get Out of School

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the very face of the world, impacting everything from Hollywood productions, to work-from-home to staffing to how kids try to get out of school.

Let’s face it, lying to try and get a free day off of school is practically a rite of passage for any kid. It’s a test your creativity, while making sure that you don’t take it too far. You can try and say you have a fever, but if you put a thermometer up to a light bulb until it’s at 150 degrees — let’s just say there’s a learning curve!

Well, Liam Payne’s four-year-old son Bear, whom he shares with singer Cheryl Cole, has adapted to this new world quite adeptly. Clearly, Bear has been paying attention to the new normal around him, realizing that there is a whole new way to get out of school.

“He went to school the other day and he didn’t want to go, and I think he learned that if you have Covid you don’t have to go to school, which is quite sneaky but also quite smart,” Liam shared in an Instagram Live Q&A session on Friday, as covered by The Daily Mail.

“He figured out if he pretended to say ‘I’ve got the virus’ then he would get the day off school,” he continued.

Liam shared that Bear was so determined to see his lie through, that he went so far as to tell the teacher. “I didn’t even know what a virus was when I was four,” Liam laughed. “Sneaky.”

“He did get a telling off for it, but I kind of have to give him props for it as well, because my pretending to get off school when I was a kid was not that extravagant,” Liam further admitted. “I’m not proud of him in a way, but I’m happy with the level of deviousness, childish deviousness.”

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