How to make office culture interesting for employees? Know expert Rishikesh Mishra's views

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Linkedin and UK-based market research Cenuswide reflects that 82% of individuals are considering a job change and poor work-life balance is one of the reasons why. Work satisfaction is a critical factor in determining the performance of the employees because it has a direct impact on productivity, performance, comfort, concentration, job satisfaction, and more. 

We have recently come across Rishikesh Mishra (CEO and Founder of JR Compliance), who happens to tell us a secret behind his successful compliance company. Well, he gives all the credit to his employees, but we must say, the work environment in his company has surpassed the environment of globally recognized companies like Google. 

He said, “we are a team of over 100 employees and each one of them are satisfied because we are constantly creating an environment to motivate our employees to change the way in which they work, not by pressurizing them but through creating a team-based work environment.”

A team-based work environment is basically an engaging environment – to provide an environment without much clutter, that allows the employees to put greater efforts into their work and JR Compliance has got it. 

JR Compliance has established that materialistic things are really not the cause of satisfaction considering that many companies provide Gym facilities, canteens, and other facilities to their employees. However, to enjoy any of it, they need time and of course that’s precious to attain the goal, especially if you are loaded with work. Conversely, JR Compliance follow’s a unique approach, maybe not a fancy one, but an environment where employees engage and feel better to come to the office because they believe that it is important to sanction a nap rather than constantly expecting others to power on throughout the day. 

And that’s only possible because their CEO,  Rishikesh Mishra personally sits with every employee regularly just to ensure that they are doing good, not to keep an eye on them but to create a team-based environment where he can help his employees to maximum extent.

A “family-like feel” we call it, provides a high-level of satisfaction, thus, minimum absenteeism, improved performance, minimum lateness to work, and a positive environment. Like a family, they work, sit with each other, and of course, support each other, moreover, Rishikesh Mishra believes that it’s not about merely completing the given task but perfection matters the most, thus, as he believe, “even if you are working for 4 hours, do it right and give your 100%.”

Like negativity, positivity is contagious too, and a positive work environment goes a long way when it comes to meeting the requirements of clients. Because if employees are satisfied they will consider their job a responsibility, not a duty, probably that’s why, JR Compliance is successfully providing 24*7 customer support. 

Some of the initiatives Rishikesh Mishra uses to support and motivate their employees are –


Employees of the month and year.

Provides career development opportunities.

A fun work environment, where employees sit and talk together.

Provides personal attention to each employee.

Fun, emotional support, opportunities to grow, and recognition are the finest tools or initiatives taken to change absenteeism or negative attitude into more included behavior towards work or to serve the best.

Consequently, a more satisfied employee will develop a feeling to give 100% to the organization, which could be through pursuing clients to collaborate with them and increasing the turnover.


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