Arnold Schwarzenegger Talks Chris Pratt As a Son-In-Law, Becoming a Grandfather Again

Arnold Schwarzenegger is in love with being a grandparent.

During an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” the 74-year-old actor was beaming from ear to ear as he gushed about his growing family. Back in December, his daughter Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt and her husband Chris Pratt announced their second pregnancy. Katherine and Chris are already parents to their one-year-old daughter Lyla — the Marvel star also has a son Jack, 9, with ex Anna Faris.

When host Jimmy Kimmel congratulated the former governor, Schwarzenegger gushed and replied, “It’s the easiest thing to be a grandfather.”

“They come over to the house, you play with Lyla for around an hour or two, put her on the horse, put her with the dog. And after two hours, they leave,” he joked as he clapped his hands. “It’s fantastic! I have a great time when they come over to the house.”

The “Terminator” actor also praised his son-in-law, and called the 42-year-old “Guardians of the Galaxy” star a “fantastic guy” and “a great son-in-law.” He also extended the same sentiments to his daughter, “I love my daughter Katherine, is so wonderful and I’m so proud of her.”

“When they come over the whole house lights up. And the animals are there,” he added.

Although Schwarzenegger couldn’t be more excited about the prospects of a second grandchild, when Kimmel asked him about the sex of the new baby, he said it remained a mystery.

“I don’t know if they know – maybe it’s going to be a surprise – what the baby’s gender is. Would they tell you, or would they be worried that you would accidentally blow it?” Kimmel  asked.

“I really don’t know. But I do blow it a lot of time, because I can’t shut my mouth,” Schwarzenegger laughed. “It could easily be that they know, I don’t know, I don’t think so, because my wife never wanted to know. It was always a guessing kind of a game.”

“I think because Katherine is a lot like Maria, she will probably go in the same direction and not want to know,” he admitted.

As it turns out, Schwarzenegger loves to bond with all of his children. Back in January, Joseph Baena, who was born to the “Predator” actor and his housekeeper Mildred Patricia Baena, opened up about his relationship with his father and confessed that their bond took a little time to develop.

Baena said on the “Unwaxed” podcast, “I grew up with my mom and I was always nervous and I didn’t want him to think bad of me and be like, ‘What the heck is this guy doing? He’s just partying all the time,'” he admitted. “Now it’s like awesome. I’m so close to my dad and we joke about everything.”

Baena also revealed that the former California governor loves to hear the gossip surrounding the life of his youngest child. He said that his father “always wants to hear about the drama. He’s like, ‘Tell me everything, tell me about the drama, tell me about the girls.'”

Although Joseph has taken a stab at an acting career of his own, he confessed that he had never considered taking on the name of his famous father.

“I never had the Schwarzenegger name. I think really the thing is that I haven’t focused on changing it,” he explained. “I’m doing my own thing. I haven’t thought of it that much. I have a last name already. I’m already doing so much and succeeding and moving forward with my goals. That’s the last thing on my mind.”

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