2 men die, friend critical after being hit by train while taking selfie on railway track in West Bengal


Two men died after being hit by a local train when they were taking selfies on a railway line on a bridge over Cossye river at West Medinipur district of West Bengal. One person was critically injured and was rescued by the Railway Police. 

As per reports, Mithun Khan (36) and Abdul Gain (32) along with other friends went for a picnic, on Saturday, to Rangamati area on the outskirts of Medinipur town. There is a picnic spot on the banks of Kangsavati River near the railway bridge. 

Mithun, Abdul and one of their friends started taking selfies on the railway line. After a while, a local train from Medinipur to Howrah came on the same track they were posing for pictures. The locals said the driver of the train repeatedly honked as it approached near the youth in a high speed but they did not pay heed and kept taking selfies. 

When the train hit them, they fell far away from the railway line. Two of them died on the spot.

Several railway officials rushed to the spot. One of the railway staff members said people are restricted to climb on the part of the railway bridge and despite the ban several people climb there to take selfies lying on the train tracks. 


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