Unequal distribution of economic benefits causes concern - NPP

National People’s Power (NPP) Member of Parliament Dr.Harini Amarasuriya said the unequal distribution of economic benefits among different communities is a serious problem and a proper system should be put in place to rectify the anomaly.

Speaking to the media at Teldeniya, in Kandy yesterday she said that the benefits of the economic process in the country are now being shared by a very small number of people and as a result the majority of the people are living under severe hardship.

While noting the country was in a debt trap she said whoever comes to power has to build the country from a very difficult standing.

She said that the NPP’s approach will be on how to establish economic democracy.

Amarasuriya went on to say that the current situation has arisen due to a wrong policies that have been followed for decades by various governments. 

by Daily News Sri Lanka

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