THIS women footballer represents every girl who has been deprived of sports


Team India goalkeeper Aditi Chauhan believes that every girl child goes through a lot of struggles and thus, those who make it to national teams represent all those who have been deprived of sports.

“We stand at a very crucial juncture for women’s football or Indian football. Most of the girls in our team have seen the struggles that every other girl child has to face if they want to take up sports as kids. I can assure you, we represent every one of them on this stage – all of them who may have been deprived. We have girls from every corner of the country, and we fight for every girl from every nook and corner of India. We fight as one,” said Chauhan as per an AIFF release. 

“Sports has an uncanny habit of impacting social lives, and we want to strive for such change. We do not just want to strive for victories. We are fighting for much more. We are fighting for women’s football, and we hope to make some impact in our country, no matter how small it is,” she added.

The Blue Tigresses are brimming with excitement, but are also cautious about their three opponents on Group A – IR Iran, Chinese Taipei and China PR – who stand in their way to the quarterfinals; should they progress past the Group Stage and into the quarters, they will get a shot at qualifying for the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia 2023.

“I’ve been playing for well over a decade, and I never really thought over all this time that we would be this close to something which is a lifelong dream for any footballer anywhere in the world. But as they say, if you don’t work for it, your dreams remain mere dreams. We have to give our heart and soul on the pitch, and we are mentally prepared to do so,” said captain Ashalata Devi.

The central defender has had to overcome perceptions during her initial days that women should not play football, and believes that there is no greater proof against such perceptions than the Blue Tigresses shining in the Asian Cup.

“Would I have thought about an Asian Cup appearance, when I would sneak out of my house to play football with the boys, as a kid? Not in a million years. But that just shows you how much women can do if they put their minds to it. If you truly love something and do it with passion, and an inhumane obsession, it will eventually take you somewhere,” said Devi.

India will take on IR Iran on January 20, Chinese Taipei on January 23, and China PR on January 26 in Group A of the AFC Women’s Asian Cup.


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