SriLankan Airlines refutes ‘inaccurate’ media reports on its Acting CEO

SriLankan Airlines wishes to clarify and refute reports currently circulating in the media and on social media containing completely inaccurate facts and figures regarding the Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Airline, including the alleged age and remuneration.

SriLankan Airlines would like to place on record that Richard Nuttall, an international aviation management professional, was appointed as Chief Commercial Officer with effect from 1 November 2021. Nuttall’s appointment was made following the organization’s standard recruitment procedure for such Chief positions and with the necessary approvals.

The position of Chief Executive Officer became vacant after 31 December 2021. Therefore, the Board of Directors decided to appoint Nuttall as the Acting Chief Executive Officer on a temporary basis and until a permanent appointment is made, since he was the second most senior post holder in the Airline.

Nuttall will perform as the Acting Chief Executive Officer in the interim period, in addition to his job role as the Chief Commercial Officer.

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