Pakistan slams Afghan Taliban over alleged support to TTP


The Pakistan military establishment and the general population of the country had celebrated when the Taliban overthrew the elected Afghan government to capture Kabul and re-establish its rule over Afghanistan.

However, Pakistan’s mistaken impression that it had managed to win the proxy war against India in Afghanistan was proven to be false when the

Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) started carrying out regular attacks inside Pakistan with the support of their Pashtun brothers – the Afghan Taliban.

The Pakistan government and the Pakistan Army has expressed their dismay over the Afghan Taliban’s support to the

Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) on several occasions but their pleas have been ignored by the rulers of Kabul.

Stressing that the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is a “test case” for the Afghan Taliban, Islamabad has said that if the new rulers in Kabul cannot address Pakistan’s concerns then how can they with their promise of cutting ties to al Qaeda and other such groups earn the trust of other countries?

Islamabad believed that the banned TTP is a “test case” for the Afghan Taliban, as tackling the group would help the interim government establish its credentials in the eyes of the world with regards to dealing with other terrorist outfits, reported The Express Tribune.

“We are telling the Taliban leadership to consider the TTP as a test case,”

The Express Tribune

cited a senior Pakistani official as saying

The official, who is familiar with the development, emphasized that if the Taliban can not address the concerns of Pakistan, then no other would trust them and their promise of cutting ties with al Qaeda and other such terrorist groups.

Pakistan and the new rulers in Kabul enjoy close relations and Pakistan has been accused by the Ghani government of backing the Taliban against the former Afghan government.

The Pakistani official also warned the Taliban that not addressing Islamabad’s concerns will be damaging to the Afghan side.

“The West and the rest of the global community will “ask look the Taliban can not even satisfy Pakistan so how come they would address terror concerns of other countries,” added the official.

It comes after the Afghan Taliban have failed to address the issue of the TTP (Pakistani Taliban) raised by Pakistan. Afghan Taliban backs TTP, the proscribed group in Pakistan which has been behind several terror attacks in the country including the Peshawar Army School attack which killed over a hundred children in 2014. 


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