More fertilizer imports from China

Ninety thousand metric tonnes of fertilizer are expected to be imported from China soon, Colombo Commercial Fertilizer Company Chairman Methsiri Wijegunawardena told the media. He said he hoped to use the stock of fertilizer for the coming Season and said that he hoped it would be available by March or April.

He said that new fertilizer would be brought in, adding that the condition of the fertilizer would also be checked before acceptance.

He said fertilizers from China are high in nitrogen. At present about 400,000 hectares have been provided with solid and liquid fertilizer which is about 80 to 90 percent quantity wise. There are 21 manufacturers of fertilizers. He also said that the Fertilizer Secretariat should look into the companies that produce substandard products.

“We also receive complaints that fertilizers are not up to standard and our institution also looks into them.1.9 million liters of liquid fertilizer has been provided. 1.9 million liters of bio-

fertilizer has been provided. A quantity of 3.1 million has been provided to all 22 districts and it is a quantity of 80 to 90 percent,” he said.


by Daily News Sri Lanka

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