Fairfirst settles claims in as fast as five minutes with the power of Artificial Intelligence

Fairfirst Insurance delivers another Sri Lankan first by fueling their innovative Click2Claim platform with AI-powered claim settlements. Winner of multiple awards – ‘Innovative Brand of the Year 2019’ at SLIM Brand Excellence and ‘Gold in the Insurance Category’ and ‘Silver in Best Digital Marketing Innovation’ across all sectors at the SLIM Digis 2020, alongside many more – Fairfirst is passionate about meaningful innovation that caters to the evolving and progressive Sri Lankan at all times.

Being the first AI claims settlement platform in the country marks Fairfirst as the first insurer to enable straight-through virtual motor claims processing via its award-winning Click2Claim technology. The new and improved claims management platform offers 100% contactless user experience with zero agent involvement. The AI-powered Click2Claim platform further focuses on offering convenience to the customers when being stranded at an accident site by accelerating the speed of assessment, thereby providing optimal efficiency during customer interaction.

In their quest to make insurance super easy to deal with, Fairfirst has made intimating, assessing, and receiving a claim payment as easy as taking a video call from a smartphone. In the presence of an active mobile internet connection, the customer can complete the assessment and continue on their journey in as fast as 5 minutes.

To begin the process, the customer can reach out to the Fairfirst Call Centre on 112 428 428, where the call will be answered in just 3 rings by a friendly human, as opposed to waiting on an IVR response. Upon intimating the claim, he/she will immediately receive a link sent through an SMS to their mobile phone. As the core benefit of the new platform is 100% contactless with zero agent involvement, the customer can complete their virtual inspection in less than 2 minutes. So now all that the customer has to do is simply click on the virtual assessment link and walk around the vehicle by holding the phone in front of the required area as shown on the screen (e.g. front buffer, left side, right side, etc.) – all this takes less than a minute to complete. By now the AI engine has completed capturing the required and relevant damaged areas. And once all the inspection is done, a repair estimate will be shared instantly and, if the customer accepts the offer, they can collect the cash from the nearest Commercial Bank branch.

Sandeep Gopal, CEO of Fairfirst Insurance, stated, “At all times, our focus remains on how to stay relevant to the emerging needs of our customers, and we do this through continuous investment in meaningful innovation. When a Fairfirst customer calls us to report a claim we understand that they want the process to be as efficient and empathetic as possible. So, I am very excited that we are now offering this cutting-edge claims experience to our customers. We always work towards being the best insurer by putting our customers at the heart of everything we do.”


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