Explosive RHOSLC Fight Erupts As Jen Shah Accuses Meredith Marks of Turning Her Into Authorities

“Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” stars Jen Shah and Meredith Marks went at it during another dinner from hell on Sunday’s new hour.

While the women were all sent to Zion, Utah for a relaxing Mother’s Day trip organized by their husbands, it was not a stress-free zone as tensions in the group bubbled over during a group dinner.

Following a spiritual healing ceremony, the gang arrived back at their rental and sat down to eat. Hoping to continue the healing from earlier, Whitney Rose asked the women to express their resentments with each other, hoping they could find some closure. It backfired, big time.

“Since we’re all being honest right now, I would like to know, Meredith, why you hired a private investigator to research about me,” Shah asked Marks, who has been open about the fact she had someone look into nasty text messages she and her family were getting.

“I never hired a private investigator to investigate you. I hired an investigator to investigate why my family was receiving threats. I submitted every single one of you to be investigated. Not you. So let’s clarify that,” Marks shot back. When asked by Whitney one more time what, exactly, the investigator was for, she replied, “Threats against my family.”

“So you guys think it’s me?” asked a shocked Shah, as Meredith replied that the investigator told her, “with 90% certainty he thought it was you.” She added, “You have been awful to my family, just be honest.”

Shah, however, felt Meredith’s family had been awful to her — bringing up Brooks Marks’ claims he saw Shah’s vagina when she came to their home in Season 1. Meredith stood by her son’s version of events, saying she and quite a few others saw it too.

Getting up and getting into Meredith’s face, Jen then shouted, “Do you wanna know what you’ve done?! You don’t want me to tell everyone what you’ve done.” The veiled threats kept coming, as Marks replied, “Oh, sweetie, you have no idea what I know. Stay out of my face.”

“I swear to god if you have anything to do with the bullshit charges against me … you’re disgusting!” Shah then shot out, finally acknowledging out loud that some of the women speculated Marks may have had something to do with Jen’s arrest.

“Jen, I would never do that. I’m not revoting like you. Goodbye! I’m disengaged, sweetie, you traumatized us, goodbye!” Marks replied, as Jen called her “fraudulent.” Meredith shot back: “Who’s calling who a fraud?” — before the hour ended with Jen replying, “Ask your ten other motherf—ing boyfriends!”

The fight will continue next week — and Bravo has already dropped the equally explosive first five minutes. In them, the veiled threats continue as Marks says she’s a “kind enough soul” not to bring up everything she knows about Jen “because it’s not going to end well.”

In a confessional, Whitney theorizes, “I do think I know what Meredith is talking about. Meredith thinks that Jen may have hooked up with the man Meredith was seeing when she was separated from Seth.”

Though the show flashed back to Whitney asking Meredith about the mystery man in Vail, Marks evaded the question entirely.

Whitney then brings up why some of them have thought she and Mary Cosby were possibly involved in tipping off authorities, as both of them bailed on riding in the same van with the group the day of Jen’s arrest. “It looks like you were involved,” said Rose.

“I’m sorry, I have to joke. That’s a joke. If that’s what you belive, goodbye,” said Marks, getting up out of her seat again. “Oh my god, I’m out. Go call the FBI, they’ll tell you. That’s a revolting accusation. I had nothing to do with her arrest. I’m done.”

RHOSLC airs Sundays on Bravo.

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