Euphoria: Zendaya is trying to sneak boyfriend Tom Holland 'in the back of a shot'

Los Angeles: 

‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ has made us all fans of the popular pair Tom Holland and Zendaya. Their on-screen chemistry left fans wondering how this couple would fare in a non-Marvel film. Well, it seems Zendaya herself has been thinking along the same lines. 

In a recent interview with a leading daily, Zendaya said that she has been trying to convince the producers of her recent TV show ‘Euphoria’ to cast her boyfriend Tom.

Zendaya said that she has suggested including Tom as a background character or Easter egg. She said, “I mean, listen, we’ve talked about it all the time. We’re like, ‘Let’s just sneak him in the back of a shot or something!’”

Also, in December, while promoting Spider-Man: No Way Home, Tom had expressed his desire to work in Euphoria. In a video interaction with IMDb, he said, “I want to be in Euphoria,” and to this, Zendaya responded, “OK! Let me talk to some people. HBO…let’s get them on the phone.”

Euphoria is a teen drama starring Zendaya along with an ensemble cast. The show’s second season is set to premiere this Sunday, January 9.


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