CPC supplies fuel to CEB to mitigate power crisis

The Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) will deliver 1,500 metric tons of diesel a day to the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) until 18 January.

CPC chairman Sumith Wijesinghe said they will meet CEB officials on the 18th to decide on a future course of action.

Wijesinghe said the CPC had earlier decided to discontinue the supply of fuel to the CEB over unpaid bills. However, a decision had been taken to continue the fuel supply, given the critical situation in the country. Following several days of repeated power outages due to shortage of fuel, the CEB engineers on Thursday said that they had been compelled to cut power two hours a day until May.

Additional General Manager Andrew Nawamuni, the spokesperson for the Ceylon Electricity Board told media that two ships carrying diesel required for the Power Plant had arrived at the Colombo Port. However, the CEB had to pay the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation to use the oil. “The Central Bank should take the necessary action,” he said.


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